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 Read submitted testimonies of some of our clients whom  we have served during their visit to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

"With 30-plus people in the wedding party, rehearsal dinner and celebratory brunch offsite, I needed ground transportation.  I checked with Travel Advisor and contacted one of the board's suggestions, Islander Taxi and another company.  Islander Taxi offered me the best deal.  As luck would have it, during our stay, we got stuck in traffic on the way to the restaurant and Alvin, our tour guide, called the restaurant and let them know our situation.  On Sunday, after the brunch, several of our guests had last minute plans and Alvin made the necessary changes to accommodate.  In short, Alvin was fantastic, considerate and accommodating.  He and his and crew are extremely professional and courteous and their vehicles were the nicest that we have traveled in all week."
                                                                       E. Moody
                                      Mableton, GA

"Remarkable, courteous and professional are just a few words that 
 come to mind when I think about Islander Taxi Service.  They were
 prompt in picking me up from the airport and made the commute to
 my hotel a pleasant one."

                                                                       M. Lake
                                      Bowling Green, OH

"I never been anywhere outside of New Jersey until I went on vacation to St. Thomas.  The people are so friendly, especially my "tour guide" Alvin who made me feel like we were old buddies  who haven't seen each other in a long time.  The service is excellent and you couldn't ask for a better host than Alvin and his staff at Islander Taxi's.  The next time I'm in St. Thomas, I'm definitely going to call Alvin and the crew for my ground transportation needs."

                                                                        S. Johnson
Highland Park, NJ

"Islander Taxi Service is by far one of the premiere taxi services on St. Thomas.  I have been a frequent visitor of the island and have requested the transportation accommodations from other taxi service companies and they by no means come close to the exceptional service I have received from Islander Taxi Services."

                                                                        T. Holman
                                                                        Atlanta, GA

"A friend of mine recently got married in St. Thomas and our initial arrangement with another taxi company went belly up.  In a last minute attempt to make it to the chapel, we called Islander Taxi Service and they were completely sympathetic to our needs.  They came and picked us up, dropped us off in time for the ceremony and waited a little while longer to make sure that everything was fine before they drove off.  Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty!"

                                                                        O. Ross
                  Hollywood, Fl

"The island tours were quite remarkable.  St. Thomas is so rich and diversified in its history.  Any time you can get away from the daily grind of work, spend time with your family, have fond memories of your visit to an island like St. Thomas and make new friends like the staff at Islander Taxi Service, Inc. is one worth documenting in your own history books."

                                                                                         P. Brewster
Washington, D.C.


"Alvin was extremely attentive and made it a pain free process in helping me plan transportation for my wedding.  He was able to accommodate transportation for 25 people.  Although he did not have any stretch limo's for the wedding party, he went through another company, but set it all up for me without having to deal with two different companies.  He always wrote back right away and showed up the day of the wedding pick up to make sure everything was great.  I would recommend Islander Taxi to anyone who is planning on visiting St. Thomas, both for tours and/or wedding transportation."

Springfield, MA


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